About us

Dr. Mark Tong | Spiritual Healer & Teacher

HelpingVeteransHeal.org is sponsored by Healing International, LLC, we offer alternative methods to heal the Mind and Spirit for wellness and wholeness.

The process was discovered by Spiritual Teacher and Healer, Dr. Mark W. Tong, while working with Stage IV Cancer Patients. The process was also found to be effective in healing of relationships, grief and loss, addictions, identity, separation, abundance and Spiritual Growth. All of which may be a challenge for a Veteran and their loved ones.

Originally this treatment was offered on a one-on-one basis with results shown within ninety-minutes of the first session. These sessions were recorded and digitized so that Veterans and their friends and family can have access to this treatment, free of charge.

Treatment is based on the client’s own beliefs and by choosing another perspective, it can bring Peace. In Peace they heal and stay well.

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