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Universal Process That Empowers You to Move Forward

This Is A Proven, “Universal Process” That Unlocks, Unleashes And Empowers Each Individual To Move Forward. Our videos are designed to give you options of how you might “see” an emotional event or situation.

The meditations helps you to change the emotions tied to the event, thus bringing you to Peace. In That Peace … You Can Heal… And Help Others

In less than 2 minutes you will feel “lighter and brighter”. Designed to help our veterans heal, this meditation and command is just one of the free tools and resources that we make available to our veterans and loved ones.

Seminars & Lessons

Start Here with Releasing Negativity

This 2 minute meditation video is Powerful (do it often)

Additional Resources

Important Please Read

Do Not Listen To Meditations While Driving or Operating Machinery | For all meditations you will want to be sitting down in a comfortable position with eyes close, bringing awareness to your natural breath.

About Us

HelpingVeteransHeal.org is sponsored by Healing International, LLC that offers alternative methods to heal the Mind and Spirit for wellness and wholeness. The process was discovered by Spiritual Teacher and Healer, Dr. Mark W. Tong, while working with Stage IV Cancer Patients.

7 Life Lessons

This 17 minute video reveals all 7 Life Lessons and how they play a role in the life of a Veteran and their loved ones.

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